The Age of Reason Wins BEST DIRECTOR [United States] at SF Global Movie Fest 2014





Full list of awards at the 22nd Annual San Francisco Global Movie Fest:

1. Best Feature [South Asian Panorama] – Identity Card
2. Best Film [Bay Area Film Initiative] – Zahir
3. Best Feature [United States] – Nowhere Nevada
4. Best of Fest [World Cinema] – Last Supper
5. Best Documentary [World Cinema] – Linar
6. Best Documentary [South Asian Panorama] – My Friend Hussain
7. Best Short Film [World Cinema] – With Best Regards
8. Best Short Film [South Asian Panorama] – Rabb Da Vaasta
9. Best Director [South Asian Panorama] – Rahat Kazmi (Identity Card)
10. Best Director [Bay Area Film Initiative] – Olga Holtz (Zahir)
11. Best Director [United States] – Andrew Schrader, Jordan Harris (Age of Reason)
12. Best Director [World Cinema] – Param Gill (Last Supper)
13 Best Producer [World Cinema] – Barkha Roy (My Friend Hussain)
14. Best Actor – Eddie Griffin (Last Supper)
15. Best Actress – Najarra Townsend (Last Supper)
16. Best Supporting Role – Prashantt Guptha (Identity Card)
17. Best Editor – Ludmil Kazakov
(Last Supper)
18. Best Score – Thomas Andrew Gallegos ( DOA Death of Amar)
19. Jury Special Mention (Documentary) – Turkiye De’Saaz by Batu Akyol
20. Critics Award (Feature) – Yuchi Gong
21. Audience Choice Award – DOA Death of Amar